American Testing

  • Organic groundnut oil is the best edible oil in the world.
  • Groundnut is already called the lifeline of Saurashtra.
  • The world-renowned American Heart Association tested 76 species on 7 million people.
  • It is so ingrained in your mind that eating peanut oil makes you a victim of heart attack. But that is wrong.
  • Groundnut oil contains 11% vitamin E.
  • Inhibiting the growth of cancer cells has been proven in the medical journal.
  • The whole of Gujarat has to eat only groundnut oil.
  • First people have seen us living a healthy life for 100 years eating only groundnut oil.
  • Groundnut oil actually protects us against diseases.
  • This foreign oil can cause heart attack, duct blockage, blood pressure, diabetes etc. in youth.
  • Due to the conspiracy of a foreign company, out of the total requirement of 220 lakh tonnes of edible oil in the country, 100 lakh tonnes of palm oil is consumed, 30 to 35 lakh tonnes of soy oil is consumed, and 20 to 25 lakh tonnes of sunflower oil is consumed. Is coming.
  • The oil that makes flour never comes out. If it did, our ancestors would have eaten rice, corn, etc. This is just the essence. After preparing the whole tanker oil from 10ml of rice-corn, after filling the cans, people started trading poison in the name of oil and cancer. Heart tube blockage. We get unhealthy gifts like acidity, vitamin deficiency, thyroid etc.
  • Just think of the peanut oil extracted from the desighani that suited the climate of our Gujarat in the past. What then We had this disease.
  • Before 1993, the whole country was consuming peanut oil. But these foreign companies have discredited peanut oil so much that our people have moved far away from peanut oil.
  • Adopt indigenous, improve health, save the country. - Anjana M Bhalodia.