Oil For Your Family

  • Family Health is a major concern today as our lives are becoming faster day by day and each single day we live on this earth, adds lot of new stress and toxins through junk food to our body. All these stress and junk food factor generates unnecessary "stress load" on our brain and results in troubles like elevated blood cholesterol level, blood pressure which gradually results in Heart Trouble commonly known as Heart Attack.
  • There are few nutritional facts about edible oils that one must know before selecting best fit edible oil for the family:
  • Types of Fat present in oil:
  • All vegetable oils are rich source of Mono and Poly unsaturated fatty acids which are good and health friendly compare to presence of saturated fatty acid as saturated fatty acid has tendency to accumulate in arteries.
  • Tip: select your edible oil which high level of unsaturated fat and low level of saturated fat.
  • Essential Fatty Acids:
  • Essential Fatty Acids are absolutely essential to maintain good health. We must consume essential fatty acids in our diet as our body does not have any capacity to produce them. The two primary types are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which must be in the list of nutritional facts of your cooking oil.
  • Tip: while selecting edible oil for your family, always check for Essential Fatty Acid content type.
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin E is one of the best natural anti-oxidant and hence should be a part of our cooking oil. As Vitamin E is an "oil soluble" vitamin the easiest way to consume vitamin E is via edible oil as we use edible oil every day. Vitamin E enhances Skin and Hair growth.
  • Tip: chrysopa organic groundnut oil from BHALODIA FARM are good source of vitamin E