Edible Oil industry is one of those few innovation intensive industries where each step taken towards innovation, research and implementation of innovation is a matter of supreme importance as the products here are edible and can directly affect human bodies.

At BHALODIA FARM, "Innovation at Each Step" is the practice we have nurtured since our inception. Innovation has played a major role in our success journey and we are extremely thankful to our Research & Development team who could bring one of the best products and process innovations to serve our consumers better.

• Today we have three organic products in our palette to cater different taste buds.

• Over the years we have invested all our efforts, time and the grey matter to get best possible organic products that help in:

• Provide good amount of Unsaturated Fat.

• Balancing fat metabolism in human body.

• Lowering oil absorption during digestion process.

• Enhancing skin and hair growth as oils are fortified with Vitamin E and other amino acids.

• Lowering Blood Pressure.

• Maintaining BMR and taking it to a better levels.