Oil Essentials

  • As our age increases, our body undergoes major changes. Wrinkles on our skin or whiteness in hair are two of such most common visible changes of aging. However, there are many more major changes our body undergoes with age that are not visible to us but they certainly play a major role in maintaining our health. Few of such body changes are:
  • Loss of hormones from our body, especially in females when they enter into post menopausal phase of life.
  • Our blood become thicker than normal and hence its circulation speed reduces.
  • There is plaque formation on the interior walls of arteries.
  • Bones loose Calcium and other essential minerals.
  • Skin and Hair growth are affected due to lack of Vitamin E in our body.
  • To cope up with such major biological changes with growing age, we must be careful to avoid any unwanted health disorder. Selecting your cooking oil plays a major role here.
  • Below are a few points that one should adopt to fight back with health problems:
  • Reduce consumption of saturated fat, trans fatty acids and cholesterol in your diet.
  • Select edible oil that has high level of Vitamin E and Anti oxidants.
  • Avoid taking too much of oil in your diet.