Cholesterol & Health

    What is Cholesterol?
  • Cholesterol is a waxy, soft material found naturally in our body cells. Basic function of cholesterol is to hold all our body cells together, to produce different hormones, to help digestion and producing Vitamin D in our body. Cholesterol is produced in our liver. Major source of cholesterols for us is the Fat we consume in our diet. It is an essential component that our body needs to keep body functions proper but access amount of cholesterol is certainly harmful and can cause major hear troubles to individual's life.
  • Cholesterol and Heart
  • One of the core characteristics of cholesterol is to get accumulated on the inner walls of Blood Arteries and form plaque. Formations of such plaque gradually narrow down and eventually block blood supply, passing through those damaged arteries. When such blockage is observed in the coronary arteries, that are the prime blood suppliers to the Heart, it results in a condition commonly known as Heart Attach. Severity of heart attack and possibility of recovery depends on the % of block or damage caused by cholesterol accumulation in coronary arteries.
  • Maintaining Cholesterol Level
  • Access of cholesterol cause harm to our body, especially our heart hence it is important to maintain our body cholesterol level. By following simple food tips, we can reduce high cholesterol intake and can stay healthy:
  • Try to avoid animal food especially egg yolk and liver as they content very high level of cholesterol.
  • Try to incorporate vegetable fat in your diet and avoid animal fat.
  • Higher is the saturated fat in your edible oil / cooking oil, more is the cholesterol content, say no to saturated fat.
  • Include food fortified with plant sterols or stanols as they help block absorption of cholesterol from our diet.